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Protecting Your Employment Law Rights

Representing Employees In Employment Law Matters

Employment law issues are perhaps some of the most misunderstood cases in all of New York. Someone loses his or her job for a completely valid reason and they think that this gives rise to a potential cause of action against his or her employee, and this is often not true.

But, for those employees who have had their rights violated due to the behaviors of their employers or co-workers, there are options available to you. At my firm, I will work together with you to determine first if you have a case, and next, what I can personally do to help you hold your employer responsible for the harm that has been caused to you.

How Do You Know If You Have A Case?

I receive many calls from potential clients and I have to tell them that I do not feel that there is much, if anything, that I can do to help them. I am selective about the cases I take, which is one of the benefits of being my own boss. I believe in being honest with you right away from the start. Your time is just as valuable as mine, and I am not going to waste your money stringing you along.

That being said, there are specific types of cases that I handle for potential clients concerning employment law matters, which include:

  • Discrimination on the basis of age, race, gender, sexual preference or disability
  • Sexual harassment/ hostile work environment scenarios
  • Unpaid wages and overtime earnings

I have made a name for myself as a trial lawyer, because I am very passionate about the cases that I take. I do not give up without a fight. These cases often require extensive preparation and investigation in order to prove that your rights have been violated, and because of my extensive experience, I know how to demonstrate that your employer acted unlawfully.

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