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Your Civil Rights Are Precious

Archive: Month: June 2018

What is color of law?

When it comes to enforcement of civil rights violations, most of them will be violations made under the phrase "color of state law." Many New York cases may deal with this concept. The Department of Justice explains that color of law basically means anyone acting on behalf of a government

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Your guide to discrimination in the workplace

Discrimination in the work place is not uncommon. It happens often in New York. And yes, it could happen to you. Here’s what you need to know. “In the workplace” refers to all areas of employment, including: Benefits Firing Hiring Job assignments Layoffs Pay Promotions

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Why you must complain of discrimination if it occurs in the workplace

When an employee stands up and complains of discrimination, they engage in what anti-discrimination laws consider a protected activity. It need not even result in your termination - merely a change and conditions of employment that would dissuade a reasonable employee from making a complaint of discrimination. According to the

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