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Employment Law

I represent employees who have been discriminated against or harassed in the workplace, as well as those who have wage and hour claims.

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Civil Rights

I assist individuals who have been the victims of police brutality or other infringements upon their civil rights.

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Wage Theft

Wage theft occurs when an employee is denied the wages, salary, or benefits that they are entitled to under law

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I handle both state and federal appellate work, including preparing the briefs and the oral arguments.

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Representing Ordinary People
With Extraordinary Claims

I am Gregory Antollino, Attorney at Law. My law practice is focused on helping people who have suffered illegal discrimination at work – and not all injustice at work is illegal; it must be based on discrimination for your sex, race, national origin, disability, sexual orientation or identity, failure to give sick time. I also bring claims for violations of constitutional civil rights, including police abuses, and select criminal defense matters in New York, including appeals.

I didn’t start out with the plan of being a lawyer. I left a large law firm and learned to love my career, and how to make it work for both me and my clients. I discovered very early on that I liked fighting for all kinds of people who have been wronged. This is what matters to me: I am motivated by obtaining justice.

What Makes Me The Right Attorney For You

Why hire me? Because, though I need to pay my overhead and win my fees, I care about social justice. I attended NYU School of Law, graduating in 1993, where my teachers imbued me with this ideal. I was a member of the NYU Law Review, selected on my legal writing ability.

I worked briefly in “BigLaw” – in the litigation department of one of the world’s biggest legal conglomerates. I am grateful for the experience, I needed more out of life, and frankly, from the law. Money is great, and it comes eventually. But I am not motivated by the dollar so much as cases that matter to me personally where someone has been abused by people and institutions in power. The money follows; the first paycheck is feeling justice.

My experience at the firm and then Legal Aid, along with my strengths as a writer made me an effective trial and appellate attorney, gifted at the art of persuasion. I constantly keep my trial and appellate skills sharp, ready to help my clients battle when it is the right move to make. I’m a graduate of many of the programs sponsored by the Trial Lawyer’s College in DuBois, Wyoming, founded by the greatest living trial lawyer, Gerry Spence. I learned from him that I have to be myself to win in the courtroom. I have a strong record of success in court, which you can read about here. I have also attended several sessions of the National Employment Lawyer’s Association training programs, The National Criminal Defense College and The Harvard Program on Negotiation, where I got a certificate in Mediation.

The practice of law is mostly about settling disputes. Achieving this includes showing the other side that you are willing to go further if necessary. Sometimes it is better to settle a case than to risk a loss. Sometimes the opposite is true. One demands evidence to search for clues and assembles them in the manner of a story to tell to the judge and jury within the law (telling a story to a judge, of course, if different than telling one to a jury). Then if the case doesn’t settle at some point, someone is going to take an appeal.

I learned appeals before I learned trials. I am filing papers in the Supreme Court in August 2018 to stop a difficult attorney and his client who won’t compromise. I expect the High Court to deny the attempt to take away my win, but I can predict nothing. Nevertheless along the way, I won the biggest case of my life, and changed the civil rights laws to make it illegal to fire gay employees. Zarda v. Altitude Express, 883 F.3d 100 (2d Cir. 2018) (en banc). I won the votes of ten out of thirteen judges before an assemblage of the entire appeals court of the U.S. Court of Appeals, Second Circuit. If I survive Supreme Court review, I won’t stop until I collect every dime to which my client is entitled.

Let’s Talk About Your Case

I know that you may feel that you have suffered some sort of injustice at the hands of another person. I need to be completely honest with you: most of these situations will not lead to a case. There just isn’t anything there that is going to be worth the time, effort and frustration of bringing your case forward.

After a few moments of discussing your situation, I can tell you if I am the right lawyer to handle your case. We may continue our conversation over the phone or schedule an in person meeting to discuss the next steps.

To get the process started, I invite you to call me at 212-334-7398 or send an email to schedule your free consultation.

Tilting the scales of justice back towards citizens since 1993.

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